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July 27, 2011 at 4:14pm

How To Pierce Your Own Cheek

First things first I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL PIERCER, I’m just an idiot with lots of time and a flippant attitude to safety LOL. I should also probably point out that im repierced my cheek which is slightly different. Its easier in someways (ie I have a guide) but a lot harder in others (ie I’m piercing through scar tissue)

Tip 1. DON’T. Seriously just dont. If you really it done just get it done at ur local piercing place. However if you are as stubborn as me… Read on LOL

Tip 2. You WILL need a clamp. Dont try and fight it. In order for it to work properly your cheek needs to be nice and taught. I learnt this the hard way :(

Tip 3. Make sure you can see what you are doing. Sounds stupid but honestly I cant stress enough how important it is for you to know exactly WHERE you are poking about. Again I learnt this the hard way.

Tip 4. Buy professional needles. They are cheaper than you think. And they will make the job a WHOLE lot easier.

Tip 5. Boil EVERYTHING going into ur mouth. Infections are not cool. Not cool at all. You are already at a slight disadvantage coz your doing it at home so don’t further put urself into problems.

Tip 6. Work from the inside out.

Tip 7. Don’t numb anything, you need to know what damage you are doing.

Tip 8. Unless your mate is a pro piercer don’t get them to do it. Do it yourself. No one can feel your pain so they may cause more damage that you would. Also If the piercing goes wrong it could affect your friendship.

Tip 9. Make sure your jewellery is big enough to accommodate swelling but not to big that you bite on it and crack your teeth when the swelling goes down. (Yes, you guessed it, again I learnt this the hard way - please note teeth are important and dentists are NOT cheap.)

Tip 10. Contemplate wearing clean latex gloves. If not wash your hands thoroughly with some antibacterial soap.

Basic steps:

1. Mark where you want the ball to sit with a non toxic felt pen.

2. Clamp it with the dot in the middle of the hole at the end

3. Take a deep breath.

4. Push the needle through whilst you breath out 

5. Take the needle out and insert the jewellery immediately (you might think you wanna break but dried blood is a bitch to move through)

6. Look after it :)

I hope you didn’t actually do this and you followed tip one. But if you did, let me know. Send me a picture and feel free insult me if it goes horribly wrong.


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